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Privacy Protection

The team at Abel Law Group understands the importance of maintaining a certain level of privacy in one's life. Whether you're an athlete, entertainer, doctor, high net worth individual, or an everyday person valuing their privacy, we're here to assist you. You shouldn't have to worry about someone easily accessing your personal information by a quick online search. They provide solutions to ensure that your assets and business ventures remain confidential. Learn more about Abel Law Group’s privacy protection services.

Customized Privacy Solutions

Their clients range from those seeking to keep their property acquisitions discreet to entrepreneurs wanting to shield their financial associations. They recognize the need to maintain a level of privacy in today's interconnected world. You shouldn't have to be easily discoverable by acquaintances, ex-spouses, or even nosy colleagues. Let them help you secure your privacy.

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Identity Protection Tools

Abel Law Group offers a range of identity protection tools, allowing you to keep your name off public records. Whether you're purchasing a new property and prefer to keep it off local publications or starting a business and wish to keep your financial relationships under wraps, they have the expertise to assist you. When the team assesses a case or needs to locate someone, one of their first steps is to review public records. The question is, do you want to be that easily traceable? With techniques such as multi-level limited liability companies, trusts, or the use of nominees, they can ensure your personal life remains private. Let them help you safeguard your financial privacy effectively. Book a consultation today.