privacy protection


At Abel Law Group we deal with many people who just want to maintain some level of privacy in their lives. From athletes, entertainers, doctors, high net worth individuals, or even that everyday man or woman who wants their privacy. They do not want someone to be able to simply turn on a computer, search the local recorder’s office and find out everything they own. They want to make sure that the business they own cannot be snooped upon by someone with a smart phone searching the states corporation commissions website to see they businesses they own. By how can we protect that? How can we do everything we can to keep our lives from the prying eyes of our friends, relatives, ex-spouses or even that pesky co-worker who likes to gossip about everyone in the office? We can help.



At Abel law Group we provide our clients with a variety of identity masking tools whereby they can keep their names off these types of public record. Whether you are buying a new home and don’t want it published in the local paper or if you want to start a business and keep your financial relationships unknown. The first thing we attorneys do when we examine a case or need to find someone is to look at public record, do you really want to be that easily found? Through the use of such techniques as multi-level limited liability companies, trust or even nominees, we can keep your personal life private.